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                     Fall Schedule 2019/2020

         Classes start the week of September 9th

     Dare to Love, Dare to Dream, Dare to Dance!

Welcome to Dance In The Isle. Classes for this schedule starts on Monday September 9th 2019


Competition/Performance Team for those who have danced for at least 3 years and would like extra dance time on stage...Must talk to me, or be invited. Times T.B.A

Please register for classes by going to the "Contact Us" link above and filling out a registration form.  Click on "description" of class for more information.


S2 All Boy HipHop               4:00-4:45     Justin      Ages 7-11

S2 Take it to the Stage! Broadway Dance and Acting Fundamentals!                                                     4:45-5:45     Justin      Ages 9-14

S1 Acro Dance L 2&3           4:00-5:15     Liza         Ages 9-13

must be a level 2 or 3 or be invited to join this class.

S1 Beg. Acro Dance                  5:45-6:30       Liza          Ages 7-12

great class for those that love to bend, be upside down and love the art of acrobatics mixed with dance. fun, high energy class that mixes tumbling and contortion into a beautiful dance and art form. beginner skills willl be taught in this class which will be the base of future acro classes and skills.

Prime Time Tap  gentle/beginner      6:30-7:15        Liza        50+ starts in November

Adult hiphop       6:30-7:15 and then goes to thursday nights in November 

Open Tap                                  7:15-8:00        Liza        15+


Yoga                                             8:30-9:45am  Diane     Adults

S1 Ballet/Jazz/lyrical L 1&2          4:00-4:45       Sophie   Ages 8-11

S2 Tap Open level                        4:00-4:45       Liza       Ages 7-12

S1 Level 2&3 Ballet/Lyrical           5:00-6:00       Sophie   Ages 9-12

Xtra Comp/Performance Practice 5:00-6:00      Liza         Open

Tween HipHop/Jazz                      6:00-7:00   Stella/Liza  Ages10-13

HipHop                                          6:00-7:00   Kady/Liza   Ages 8-10

S1HipHop Advanced                     7:00-8:15      Kady       Teen/Adult               


Yoga                                                   8:30-9:45am     Diane          Adults

S1 Open Ballet                                   4:00-5:00          Sophie       Ages 9+

S1 HipHop/Jazz Level 1&2                4:00- 4:45          Liza           Ages 7-10

Leaps/Jumps/Turns/Lyrical/Contemp. 4:45-5:45          Liza   11+ (unless invited)

Progressive Ballet/Acro Elements      5:45-7:00           Liza       Comp Team 

SR Comp Practice                         7:00-8:30        Liza      Comp Team


S1Gym/Hop (Gymnastics & Hip Hop combined) A Fun high energy class that combines age appropriette hip hop with gymnastics!                  FULL              4:00-4:45      Liza     Ages 7-10

S1Gym/Hop   This class starts in November      5:00-5:45      Liza     Ages 5 to 7

Adult Hip Hop:                                   6:00-6:45 Switches to thursdays in November.

SR Leaps, Jumps & Turns                   6:45-8:15      Liza            Comp


Ballet/Tap/Gym/Jazz                                   4:00-4:45      Liza        Ages 3.5-5.5

"Lets Dance" Level 1&2 this class will be a mixed Jazz/ballet, beginner lyrical with floor movement basics.                                                                         5:00-5:45      Liza         Ages 6-9

Christian Dance: All Denominations welcome. Description below                                                                        5:45-6:30      Liza      

Saturday Mornings: 


Ballet: Must have 2 to 3 years prior experience.12:00-1:30 11+    Miss Athena

Modern/Contemporary:                                      1:30-2:30   11+    Miss Athena

Parent and Me for 2.5 to 4.5s! This 4 week creative movement and tumbling class will run October 26th, November 2nd, 9th & 16th. Cost: $48 for the session. Time: 2:30- 3:05                                                             Miss Athena

Yoga:                                                8:45-10:00am       Adults    Diane Irish

Christian Dance:A monthly or weekly donation is appreciated and all proceeds will go toward dance scholarships. christian dance is movement in all genres of dance that glorify the Lord through music and choreography. we start with a prayer before each class and end with a prayer. This is an opportunity to show praise and worship through instructed movement while listening to mainstream christian music. This a traditional dance class that includes across the floor, center work, stretch and learning a  piece with a focus on glorifying the Lord through dance.


 Studio Closings:

November:  Thanksgiving Break

Dec:  Christmas Break

Feb: Winter recess

April: Spring Break

May : Memorial Day